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Welcome to the Institute of Nuclear Physics!

Scientific Interests

Fundamental nuclear physics

  • cluster aspects in the structure of nuclei
  • nuclear reaction mechanisms at low and moderate energies
  • nuclear fission physics
  • theory of nuclear structure

Applied Nuclear Physics

  • radio-ecology
  • development of low-background devices for alpha-particle registration in environmental objects

Solid State Physics

  • radiation solid state physics
  • modification of materials properties with accelerated light and heavy ions; ion-plasma technologies
  • hyperfine research in surface physics
  • production of advanced composite materials
  • nuclear technologies
  • computer simulation of processes in solids subjected to radiation


  • radioecological research in places of nuclear explosions
  • control over radiological conditions in Kazakhstan

Nuclear power production safety and nuclear reactor physics

  • substantiation of nuclear power facilities safety
  • loop tests of reactors
  • neutron-physics calculations and experiments
  • non-destructive testing of nuclear materials
  • expertise in the field of atomic energy utilization

Development and application of nuclear technologies

  • in-reactor irradiation with neutrons
  • production of radioactive isotopes and radiation sources
  • collection, processing and disposal of radioactive waste
  • development of clean-up methods for water contaminated with radiation
  • transmutational doping of silicon
  • neutron beams for boron neutron-capture therapy

Products and services

  • production of materials for industry employing radiation processing, sterilization of medical equipment and products
  • production of radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals
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