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Complex of Research Reactor WWR-K

Laboratory of Physical and Technological Nuclear Power Problems
established in 1998

Research interests – Reactor technology and physics, Nuclear Power Plants (NPP). NPP’s safety problems. Problems of nuclear power development in Kazakhstan.

Main scientific achievements:

  • Performed experimental and calculated studies on thorium cycle of nuclear fuel reproduction, on the first in the world fast reactor.
  • Performed physical and power launch of reactor WWR-K
  • Performed a complex of experimental studies and activities on WWR-K reactor’s safety case and ensurance, under high seismic conditions.
  • In the field of space nuclear power methods were developed and experimental studies performed on electrogenerating assembly’s neutron-physical characteristics of thermoemission converter reactor of the space nuclear power plant, as well as explored questions of physics and security of aforementioned NPP.
  • In the field of nuclear-activated lasers, together with students, for the first time in nuclear reactor core conducted complex studies of non-nuclear-activated thermal discharge plasma of various gaseous fluids, to obtain lasing in stationary nuclear reactor’s core. For the first time produced electron-beamed controlled CO- and CO2- lasers, excimer XeF-laser in the stationary nuclear reactor’s core.
  • Together with students performed a complex of experimental and calculated studies on the possibility of establishing a space nuclear power plant, that will generate laser radiation.
  • Studied resonance characteristics of a number of structural materials for the preparation of group constants for the calculation of nuclear reactors
  • Conducted a comparative analysis of a number of projects on modern advanced reactors NPP from various countries. Performed studies in the field of development and concept validation of Kazakhstan’s nuclear power development.

Chief of Laboratory Batyrbekov Gadlet Andiyarovich