Kenzhin Ergazy Asievich

Kenzhin Yergazy Asievich

Director General of RSE “The Institute of Nuclear Physics”

Kenzhin Y. A. in 1984 graduated from Tomsk Polytechnic Institute specializing in experimental nuclear physics and he was qualified as an engineer-physicist.

Since 1984, Kenzhin had been working as an engineer in an SPA “Applied Mechanics” (Krasnoyarsk-26). Since 1987, had been working in the Joint expedition SPA “Luch” (Kurchatov, East Kazakhstan region), which in 1992 was reorganized into the Institute of Atomic Energy of the National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan (IAE NNC RK), where he worked successively as an engineer, senior science researcher, head of the laboratory, Deputy Director of science, was appointed director of INP NNC RK in 2005. Since 2006, Kenzhin had been appointed Deputy Director General for development of nuclear energy – the director of IAE NNC RK.

In 2015 Kenzhin Y. A. worked at RSE INP as the Deputy Director General. His research interests are related to studies of structural materials of nuclear technology and thermonucleonics under reactor irradiation.

Chakrov Petr Vasilyevich

Chakrov Petr Vasilyevich

First Deputy Director of RSE “The Institute of Nuclear Physics”

He has been working at the Institute since 1986. Starting his career as a senior laboratory assistant, for the last 20 years he held the managerial positions in the senior management of the Institute. From 2013 to 2015, he has been employed as acting General Director.

Since July 2017, Chakrov P.V. left INP for employment in the International Atomic Energy Agency. The INP staff expresses gratitude to Petr Vasilievich for his contribution to the development of the Institute and wishes the professional successes in a new Company.

Burtebayev Nasurlla Tohanovich

Burtebayev Nasurlla Tohanovich

Deputy Director of RSE “The Institute of Nuclear Physics”

Burtebayev Nasurlla graduated from the Physics Department of the Kirov S.M. Kazakh State University in 1972. Upon graduating from the University he was employed by the Institute of Nuclear Physics, Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR. He started his scientific career in the Institute from the position of senior laboratory assistant in the Laboratory of Nuclear Processes. At the present moment (since 2008) he is the Deputy Director for scientific and methodical work of the Institute of Nuclear Physics. He defended his Doctoral thesis under the specialty 01.04.16 – Physics of Atomic Nucleus and Elementary Particles in 2002. He was awarded with the title of Professor of Physics in 2004. He was awarded with the Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences title in 2011.

Kadyrbaev Erlan Amanbekovich

Deputy General Director of RSE «Institute of Nuclear Physics» on Economics and Development issues.