Third IAEA Regional Seminar “Introduction to Nuclear Forensics”

December 26, 2019

The IAEA Third Regional Seminar “Introduction to Nuclear Forensics” was held at the Nuclear Security Training Center of the RSE INP on December 9-13, 2019.

The Seminar was attended by more than thirty experts and observers from the countries near and far abroad (Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, the USA, Uzbekistan, Ukraine).

The issues of interaction between various authorities during investigation of the cases of illegal trafficking of radioactive substances were discussed. The participants shared their practical experience in nuclear forensics, compared the study methods used and the laws applied in this field in different countries.

Within the framework of the Seminar, the practical exercises to combat illegal trafficking, search for and detect illegal transported radioactive materials were conducted jointly with the Academy of the Border Guard of the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the Academy’s Training Center.

The practical exercise was conducted to excel the skills in working with data resulted from special analytical studies of nuclear/radioactive materials seized from illicit trafficking, identification of the unknown material by comparison with the samples of known composition.

Upon completion of the Seminar, the participants were awarded with the certificates.